Jun 10, 2017

#4_The Willie Wonka of Table Top Gaming Packs his Go Bag_Part 1 of 2


The ability to lean into the unknown and make it your home is at the heart of the first of two episodes wtih Andy "Roo" Forrest, my first boss out of college, vocalist for the underground Bay Area improv band, "Chained Down Cheese," and co-founder of the hottest board game design company on the planet.

Andy gets into how being the descendant of Holocaust Survivors is informing how he packs his GO BAG for Crazy Town (super charged Winnebago's, Guns, Gold in the walls of his Grandfather's booby-trapped Palo Alto Home,) and how to stay out of the national crazy by focusing on doing good work. We get into why practicing NEGATIVE CAPABILITY in uncertain times feels right right about now, and why the J curve is a good jumping off point for a musical about Overpopulation and consumption. 

Also, ignore it when I say, "I hate Bob Dylan." I just find his son, Jacob, way more listenable. 

The Wall Street Journal called the  interactive playpen/nightclub ENTROS that Andy and his partner, Stephen Brown founded in Seattle in the 90's: "The Future of Entertainment." Like most mid 90's prognostications, they were totally wrong, but unless you were across town discovering Nirvana, it was the most fun you could have with your clothes on in those days. Andy is a songwriter, a taiji practitioner, and a serial entrepreneur. He was all of 23 when he hatched Pearl's Oyster Bar in his home town.  Now, Forrest Pruzan Creative, the board game design company he started with Alan Pruzan spawns 50 games a year, invented most of the early Cranium games, and is responsible for many of the games on the shelves at Target, Wal-Mart, and your favorite game store. 

I think this conversation, above all, will remind you about those friends that you have in your life that maybe you don’t see very often, but when you do – it’s a soul connection of love and respect run through a $h!t flipping machine nestled in a holy web.*

www.packingforcrazytown.com for full show notes.


Apr 11, 2017

#1_Be a Lamp, Be a Ladder, Be a Lifeboat_a Conversation with Dianne m. Connelly, Author of Medicine Words.


 "I hold the human privilege of wording the world as a sacred honor, and so it is not okay to say just any old thing about being."  Dianne m. Connelly, Medicine Words.

For the first Packing for Crazy Town podcast, I knew I had to track down Dianne m. Connelly, author of Medicine Words: Language of love for the treatment room of life, to begin a conversation BIG ENOUGH for all of us to turn around in." She applied a pumpkin enzyme peel of ancient chinese energetics to the way I look at how I am in the world, and took 20 years off of my speaking.  I predict she'll be the wake-up culture's new go to voice of possibility before long.

Dianne doesn't walk her talk, she embodies it. She and I laughed our way through being beginners at this podding thing...She got me to Donald Trump as holy aspect of the Great Oneness...and reminded me why she was one of the most influential teachers I've ever had. She quotes RUMI "Be a lamp, be a ladder, be a life boat.  Waking up to the gift that it is to be here at all...Life is serious, and it's not a given that we will continue to be here, and none of us is getting out alive so, what am I giving my life for between now and when we're  not here anymore.

A note about the Audio Quality of Ep 1. Once you hear Dianne you'll understand why tying her to a computer and to Skype was not an option, so this was recorded via What's App. Creation is messy, and being transparent about that gives me a lot of pleasure for some reason. 

"Can I, will I, allow you to be just exactly as you are? In my every interaction, my every conversation, will I practice opening to you as phenomenon, as Divine showing, or will I draw conclusions, tell stories, make commentaries too small to let you show as “a radiance, a shining?" From Medicine Words.

About Dianne: "Dianne M. Connelly, PhD, MaC (UK), co-founder and chancellor of Tai Sophia Institute, an accredited graduate school in the fields of health and wellness, holds a doctorate in the philosophy of medicine. She taught in the Institute’s Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Transformative Leadership and Social Change master’s degree programs. A practitioner of acupuncture since 1973, she is the author of Traditional Acupuncture: The Law of the Five Elements, All Sickness Is Homesickness, and co-author of Alive and Awake: Wisdom for Kids, and Medicine Words: Language of Love for the Treatment Room of Life.

buy Medicine Words:  Connelly https://www.amazon.com/Medicine-Words-Dianne-Connelly-ebook/dp/B0082RGA3Y/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1490061016&sr=8-2&keywords=medicine+words

By the end, you might - as I do - believe that we can language our way to something better than we can even imagine.

Practice Radical Vulnerability.



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