Aug 20, 2017

#10_THIS IS NO JOKE_But We’re Laughing Anyway_Get your Eclipse On and Your Go Bag Packed_With Shamanic Therapist Shonagh Home


This is not the podcast I had meant to upload, but when you talk to Shonagh Home, Shamanic Therapist, Author, and Poet about what she thinks this "boulder in a puddle" energetic ripple is illuminating, it's like capturing water from a fire hose into a dixie cup: It's not for sissies or people who just want to check into a motel on the River Denial for the duration of this MASSIVELY ANTICIPATED and yes PROPHECIED morning event plays out.  While the Coup Energy of the Totality of the eclipse parts the Red States, it's totally fine to check out, but you do know the days of running and hiding are over, right? And the dishes are going to be there in the sink when you get back. It's about ancient Maxims of Law, and the education that the Status Quo does not want you to have. It's way better to rule over traumatized sheep than free thinking folk.

Love ya mean it. 

See for show notes and links. 


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